After my experience with my last voter guide, I decided to create a wiki and, as of today, I am announcing that the wiki is here and ready with a good number of my recommendations. I plan to keep updating it as we get closer to the election, so if I haven't posted much on a topic now, come back and take a look later. Also feel free to participate in talk pages if you have any feedback, comments, or questions, or alternatively, you can comment here. (I'm pretty vigilant against spam, however, so I warn you to be relevant and coherent lest I mistake your comment for a disguised site promotion. I also insist on civility.)

The views expressed are typically mine, but I plan to accept help from some quarters. I strive not have a neutral point of view. That is, I strive to have an opinion, and I will keep studying the issues and updating content until I have enough information to form an opinion. However, until election day, this is a work in progress, and I may not decide some very difficult issues until very close to that day. Most issues, however, that are covered, have been decided at this point, and I'm doing my best to find time to add my thoughts and citations.